Access Control Systems

Securex Security Systems & Services supplies, installs, and repairs Access Control Systems in Perth and throughout regional WA.

As the name suggests, ‘access control’ means having control over who can access your premises via designated entry points. Access Control Systems use electronically controlled locks, which can only be accessed by authorised personnel.

Access control Technology;

  • Prox cards or fobs
  • Pin code
  • Finger print scanners
  • Facial recognition
  • Remotes
  • Smart phones

What can be controlled;

  • Doors
  • Roller doors
  • Gates
  • Lockers
  • Key Safes

How can it be controlled;

  • Restrict Access
  • Restrict day and times
  • Restrict numbers to area

Note: Not all technologies are compatible with all access control systems.

Proximity Reader
Fingerprint Scanner
Facial Recognition

Access Control Systems provide a great way to easily access doors while maintaining a higher level of  security and restrict who can access the building or specific areas within the building. You have complete control over who comes and goes, what areas people can access and even what times they are allowed to access. With the use of management software, you can view a complete history log of the system and its users and alter their access levels as needed.

Stand alone systems can control a single door or gate, or larger systems can be designed and installed controlling hundreds of doors.

Access Control Systems that Securex Security Systems & Services install and recommend include:

  • Gallagher
  • Tecom Challenger
  • Inner Range Integrity and Inception

Management Software combined with the access control system provides customers with user-friendly control and management of their system, allowing update of user access profiles, the running of access reports to see the activity on a door, remote control to allow the open/close of the door, as well as many other features. Further flexibility is available through add on modules, including Video Surveillance integration.

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