NBN Alarm Integration

NBN Alarm Integration

NBN Alarm Integration – Specialists

We should all be aware that the NBN is coming. The NBN is the National Broadband Network and is the Federal Government initiative to provide faster internet to all homes and businesses. It will change the way that that we make and received telephone calls as the existing copper lines that have provided the service for over 100 years will be replaced and disconnected after 12 months of the NBN.

Some areas have already been connected, and all new homes will have it.

There are no options to stay as you are. It is only a matter of when.

How will this affect you with your alarm system?

While most alarms will work over the NBN you will be required to make some changes and these will be at a cost to you.

First of all, the NBN is not automatically supplied, you will have to choose which provider you want to use, currently there are more than 10 companies offering NBN in WA, including Telstra, IInet, Optus and more. Once you have chosen a provider and you have made application to them, they will organise for a connection to be installed in your home or business. They are only required to provide one standard telephone connection in your home or business and this will be the closest to where they bring to NBN to your property. You can chose to ask them, or Securex or any licenced cable installer to connect your additional phone points including your alarm connection (only Securex can test your alarm fully). However they will all charge you for this works.

We have already seen where the NBN connection is installed at the front of your premises, and in some cases at waste height which also makes this very easy to vandalise, which will cause issues for your security system being monitored.

As part of the NBN there is an OPTIONAL power supply and battery backup so that the standard phone point will work for approximately 2-3 hours and in an emergency you can press a button and make an emergency call for up to another 2 hours. (Note: Your alarm cannot press the emergency button. This means that your alarm will only work and report any alarms for 2-3 hours when the power is off or if someone has turned the power off with the intent of breaking into your premises). A link to information regarding battery backup on the NBN


NBN users guide explains more about the power supply and battery backup if you choose to have one installed and pay the additional charges required.


Securex and ASIAL (The security industry peak body) are recommending the installation of a GPRS unit The GPRS has its own backup battery or operates from your alarm panel battery. GPRS use the mobile telephone data network similar to EFTPOS machines used in taxis and restaurants.

There a number of GPRS manufacturers available and we have chosen to use one that we believe offers the best options and features and value for money.

As a straight replacement to your existing phone line monitored system we recommend a single SIM unit with polling every 12 hours which is twice as good as your existing.

While monitoring is slightly more expensive than the traditional dialler monitoring that has been around for years, there are no telephone call costs or telephone line required.

Therefore overall you save money and do not need to rely on the NBN if you want to have monitoring and do not want NBN. This can also be done at any stage even before the NBN is in your area.

With the unit, we are recommending there is an option available to most alarm panels, that enables you to download an App and with some modifications to the alarm you will be able to arm and disarm your alarm from your smartphones. There are some conditions that apply.

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