Medical Alarms

Medical Alarms

Medical Alarms in Perth, WA

While alarm systems are commonly used for protecting homes and businesses, they can also be used for personal safety. Securex Security Systems & Services supplies, installs, maintains and monitors  Medical Alarm Systems in Perth and throughout regional WA.

Medical alarms are well suited to the elderly, injured, and those living with disabilities. In the event of a fall or medical emergency, the user can press the pendant that they are carrying or alarm to notify the monitoring operator. The trained operator will try to make contact with the person first in case they have activated the alarm in error and if assistance is required or they cannot contact the person in need of help the operator will contact a nearby relative, friend, neighbour, or ambulance.

Securex Security Systems & Services supplies and installs the most advanced medical alarms on the market the Bluephone or the Smartcaller which connects to your existing telephone. The Bluephone has two way talk to allow the trained operator to talk to the person even when they may be on the floor and unable to get to the telephone.

  • Power fail/problem detection LED indication
  • 5 Year battery life on pendant
  • 80 hour backup battery
  • Loud speakerphone
  • Speed dialling
  • Daily call button
  • Large clear buttons
  • Program for reminders
  • Tell you if the phone is off the hook
  • Pendant with a range of ~80m


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