GPRS Monitoring

GPRS Monitoring

Perth’s Best GPRS Monitoring

A GPRS monitoring service uses the mobile telephone network and is a data service similar to the EFTPOS machines used in taxi services. The GPRS was introduced to take advantage of new technology and to replace the aging Securitel network. Securitel was a Telstra service that used a pulse over a standard telephone line to check that the telephone line was still working. This was ceased as of January 2010. This service has the ability to communicate both ways between the security alarm and the control room.

Depending on the risk of your property these communications can be set to occur, from one every 24 hours down to as often as 90 seconds for high-risk premises. There are several service providers available and some offer multiple paths to provide communications to our control room.

The cost of these services is determined by the suppliers’ hardware and how often the security alarm and the control room communicate (Polling Rate).

The GPRS monitoring services that Securex Security Systems & Services use include:

  • Telstra Secure
  • Permaconn
  • Multicom
  • Multipath
  • Emizon
  • Iris
  • Direct Wireless

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